Tuesday 26 August 2014

(Test 4) - Embed a SoundCloud mp3 track on Blogger.....

On a King C-Melody sax, with a Jody Jazz (alto) HR* 9M mouthpiece - rather open tip - and a Rico Royal #2 BASS Clarinet reed... Rather eccentric setup, but, apart from the tip opening (.105" ?), quite a bit of similarity to the old 20's setup... The bass clari reed is an excellent fit for the JJ alto mouthpiece table/tip profile.
AS I now play Bb tenor, I could be searching for a slightly more unique and/or individual C-Tenor sound than the normal 'tenor mouthpiece' type !

And now for something completely different - just a bit of a waffle on tenor sax, decades ago, way down in the mix, at a recording session in Wokingham - Peter Howe was the singer. Who dubbed that squeak in ????

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  1. So the C-Melody sounds like a Bb Tenor, and the Bb Tenor sounds like a baritone sax ? What would I sound like on bass sax ?