Friday 20 September 2019

In admiration of Martin (stencil) Handcraft tenor saxophones

A while back I went musically full circle, back to playing my elderly bare-brass 30's Martin (stencil) Handcraft tenor sax, engraved "Melody Master" . At that age, understandably not always 100% reliable even after being treated to a gorgeous full overhaul by Peter Bettle, no-one can predict when metal fatigue will strike - although, like a vintage car, the sound and feel makes up for any creakiness - so when it's silver-plated 'twin' popped up I didn't hesitate to spend a bit of someone else's inheritance ;-)
Like a pair of peas in a pod, the 'new' Lewin, another 30's Martin Handcraft stencil, plays identically. Harmonics in the same place (Jody Jazz Jet + Fibracell reed, really opens up the sound...) - even the necks are identical and interchangeable, which is a bonus as my bare-brass neck has been straightened and patched on both sides (before my time).
(Bonus #2, now have a big solid cardboard box etc. to ship out the B&S silver plated tenor it's replacing, next time eBay has a "only £1 selling fee" promotion...
Anyone need a silver plated B&S 'Blue Label' tenor saxophone ? :-)
Perfect playing companions for my 30's Martin Handcraft C-Melody / C- Tenor

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